Agile practices to respond quickly to market needs

We recruit and allocate technology talent in Latin America and optimize agile methodologies to give speed and scalability to your company's digital journey.


Contracting Methods

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One-off Project

From mobile application development to complete digital transformations, one-off contracting allows flexibility in technological solutions and quick access to our best experts. When you choose the one-off project modality, you are opting for a fast onboarding process, immediate team allocation and the delivery of standardized project management and reports within an immediate kick-off.

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Continuos Delivery

Our continuous allocation methodology generates long-term savings, short-term acceleration and keeps your company focused on core business. With uninterrupted access to a pool of specialized talent, reducing the total cost of ownership of the software over time. Cost efficiency is achieved by optimizing processes and reducing the need for repeated cycles of hiring and onboarding new suppliers.

Agile Methodology synHR Advisornized
with the complexity of your challenge

Our methodology is adapted to the maturity level and specific needs of your company, team and size of challenge.

We adopt a diversified approach to meet the specific needs of each project.

When you hire us, you will always have an experienced technical leader at your disposal, backed up by an experienced team managing your dedicated team. We also guarantee total synergy with our talents, giving you the freedom to interview the leaders of the teams that will be participating in the product.


We start by understanding your vision and objectives. This involves brainstorming sessions, requirements gathering and feasibility studies to ensure lower risks and greater chances of product or project success.

Strategy and planning

We carry out careful team selection, select advanced management platforms, implement customized workflows and adaptable development frameworks, complemented by efficient onboarding and KPI monitoring

Research e discovering

Our team creates user-centered designs and develops prototypes. This stage is crucial for visualizing the final product and making the necessary adjustments early in the development cycle.


Using the latest technologies, our developers bring the prototype to life. We always deliver clean and efficient code to build a robust and scalable solution.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We rigorously test the product to ensure that it meets high standards of quality and functionality. This includes various types of testing, such as unit, integration, system and user acceptance.

Monitoring and management

We integrate agile teams and methodologies with tools such as JIRA and Slack, ensuring proximity and transparency in pipeline management. We monitor KPIs and OKRs using data-lakes and machine learning to improve product performance.

Data & Growth

We turn data into continuous improvement using strategic analysis, machine learning and sustainable growth. We start with data exploration, move forward with AI-driven insights, bringing scale and impact to the product.